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Catalonia Cluster Mapping

EURECAT Cluster Digital 

EURECAT Cluster Digital is an Association of Innovative Enterprises (AIE) created as a meeting and networking place for start-ups, small and medium companies and other entities with the aim of boosting the competitiveness of Catalan ICT sector and promoting a new corporate culture based on collaboration and open innovation.

V-lINC Analysis Results:

  • Companies: 11 (SMEs = 9, MNCs = 2)
  • Interviews: 12
  • Individual Linkages: 318
  • Employment Range: Small (<50) to Large (250+).


Summary Statistics:



National Linkages – EURECAT:

European Linkages – EURECAT:

International Linkages – EURECAT:


  • The ICT sector in Catalonia is well-connected locally. There are strong local linkages with industry associations (EURECAT) and Government agencies (ACCIÓ, Barcelona Activa and Generalitat de Catalunya). Overall 40% of the 318 linkages recorded are local i.e. within Catalonia.
  • The local linkages map highlights the importance of Barcelona to the ICT firms based in Catalonia, where 84% of local linkages are with firms and organisations based in the regions’ largest city.
  • The V‐LINC findings show that Output is the most frequent linkage category, representing 28% of the 318 linkages reported. It is clear respondent firms focus predominantly on domestic customers as 67% of output linkages are within Spain, whilst 33% are exports.
  • V‐LINC reports that R&D linkages made up 16% of the total linkages recorded, the 2nd highest frequency after outputs. R&D connections exist with companies, private research labs, private and public research institutes and universities. EURECAT members have well developed Research linkages across Europe (65%) and within Spain (35%).
  • Approximately 61% of the respondent input and specialist service linkages e.g. materials, services, technology or capital are sourced within Spain, showing the support industry provides for the local and national economies.
  • Government Agency linkages were the least frequent category recorded in the Analysis (n=14, all recorded at local and national levels); however, these relationships are perceived as important to the firms and Eurecat, as a Triple Helix Cluster organisation, also acts as a connector with such Government agencies.
  • Forty five percent of industry peer linkages are recorded with firms in Catalonia. Not only were local industry peer linkages the predominant geographic scope, they were also perceived as the most important geographic scope for these linkages with 71% recorded in the High and Medium bands.
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