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Chicago Cluster Mapping


The Chamber is a community of business and civic leaders working on behalf of Chicagoland businesses. Members represent a diverse cross-section of our economy, including small and emerging businesses, mid-market companies, large corporations, and multi-nationals.

The Chamber Board and Executive Committee include senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, multi-nationals, top global consultancies, major banks, and media networks. The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce works with leading technology companies to offer education and information to help business modernize, upgrade, and grow across Chicago.

V-lINC Analysis Results: 

  • Companies: 10 (Micro = 3, SMEs = 7)
  • Interviews: 13
  • Individual Linkages: 341
  • Employment Range: Micro (<5) to Medium (<250).


Summary Statistics:




National Linkages – CHICAGO ICT CLUSTER:

International Linkages – CHICAGO ICT CLUSTER:


  • It is apparent that the firms in Chicago have some local suppliers of inputs and specialist services. However, the majority of inputs and specialist services are sourced from outside the State at a national level.
  • In regard to demand conditions, Chicago ICT firms are focused on the domestic market; customers are predominantly local to Chicago and the state of Illinois (59%) and spread across the US (44%). Only six percent of the 113 output linkages reported in the study are recorded at an international scope.
  • While a large portion of ICT firms surveyed in Chicago do compete directly with each other, there is also a large degree of co‐operation through local industry peer linkages and industry associations such as the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Technology Association and support for co‐working spaces.
  • The picture in Chicago’s ICT specialisation show strong connections locally and at a State level with 49% of the 341 linkages operating across Illinois and 44% with organisations across the US. 
  • The lack of Government Agency linkages reported by the RFG at a local level, suggest that the SMEs involved in the study find it more difficult to make connections with Government Agencies. 
  • R&D linkages were the 3rd least frequent linkage category in the study, with just 18 linkages reported ‐ a mixture of academic institutions, industry associations and firms. Eleven R&D linkages are reported within the State of Illinois, only one of these connections is of High importance to the RFG. Critically, no R&D linkages within Illinois exist with private firms.
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